headshot of Stephanie Ahrensa standing in front of green foliageMy name is Stephanie Ahrens and I am a political theorist with broad academic interests in the history of political thought (ancient to contemporary), political virtue, democratic theory, political philosophy, and American politics. I primarily use the methods and texts of political theory to illuminate and analyze contemporary political dilemmas. 

My current research establishes an account of democratic trust, a context-specific form of trust that addresses the philosophical and practical needs of democracy. I use democratic trust and the limits of distrust to analyze trust and distrust’s roles in the United States government through a close reading of both the Constitution of the United States and The Federalist

I am currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago, graduating August 29, and will begin my time as a John and Daria Barry Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Princeton’s James Madison Program. I can be reached at sahrens [at] uchicago [dot] edu.